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The Group

Welcome to Beat the Train in Detroit!

Beat the Train in Detroit is a group bike ride through the streets of Detroit, MI.  We take in the sights of the Motor City from ground level, like you’ve never seen them before.  Due to the city's decreasing population the streets of Detroit are often largely empty, making them the perfect venue for cyclists.

Fort Wayne The ride meets every Saturday at 6:15am, from April through October, at Historic Fort Wayne. The Fort is located on Jefferson Ave. at Livernois, near the Detroit River. Park in the guarded, secure parking lot of the Fort and be prepared to roll out a 6:30am sharp! You should plan on riding 30 – 35 miles at a moderate pace (14-18mph). This is not a training ride and we do not keep a tight pace-line, but we do ask that you try to stay with the group. There are several stops at various Detroit landmarks where stragglers can catch up if necessary.  Helmets are mandatory so if you show up without one, you will not be permitted to ride with us.

The most popular route visits Mexican Town, Cork Town, Cobo Roof Parking, the Financial District, The Detroit Riverwalk, Belle Isle, Indian Village, Heidelberg Street, Elmwood Cemetery, the Dequindre Cut, Eastern Market, Grand Circus Park, Midtown and back to Mexican Town for a post ride breakfast at Log Galanes. The Motown Loop,  another frequent route, takes us through Wayne State’s campus, Hitsville USA, New Center, the Historic Boston Edison district, and Milwaukee Junction.

So come join the BTT army....

Here are a few tips to make your riding experience more enjoyable...

  1. Get to the Fort before 6:15am, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for the 6:30am rollout.
  2. Helmets are mandatory. You must wear a helmet to ride Beat the Train
  3. Please bring plenty of water, and the equipment to fix a flat: a spare tube and pump or C0².
  4. Fat tire bikes, MTB, Touring, Cyclocross, are the best choice for the urban roads we ride on.
  5. Be prepared to ride 30-35 miles at a moderate pace (14-18 mph).
  6. First timers, let someone know you're new. Find a more experienced buddy and keep in touch.
  7. If you're having trouble keeping up, or are leaving the group for any reason, let someone know.
  8. Be prepared to eat a hearty post-ride breakfast at Los Galanes in Mexican Town
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